Create a beautiful ambient lit focal point in your home.   Ideal for mantels, as bookends, night lights or centerpieces, illuminated glass blocks bring a magical glow and special blessing to any room.
Each glass block is precision drilled from the back and filled with a string of mini white lights with white wire.  The front surface is hand etched to diffuse the light.  The Chinese blessing is affixed to the front and the sides are wrapped in an off white satin ribbon.   Two sizes available:  6" X 6" or 4" X 6",
6" X 6"  LONGEVITY (shown unlit and lit)   $36.00
6" X 6"  PEACE  (shown unlit and lit)   $36.00
6" X 6"  PROSPERITY  (shown unlit and lit)   $36.00
6" X 6"  HAPPINESS  (shown unlit and lit)   $36.00
4" X 6"  PEACE  (shown unlit and lit)   $36.00
6" X 6"  "FU"  HOUSE BLESSING (shown unlit and lit) 
The Chinese character "Fu" combines the meaning of wealth, prosperity, longevity, peace and happiness or the "five blessings."  At the New Year, it is common to hang "Fu" upside down representing the character for "arrived."  The hope being that "Fu" will arrive and bless the home for the                                           coming year.                           $36.00